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Big Tobacco and the Restaurant Industry - Internal Document (1992)

Powell Tate appears to have subcontracted with RJR to fulfill a number of activities. One of them involved RJR's peaceful coexistence program (RJR's version of accommodation). This document shows some of the activities for Baltimore and Denver.

Pete Bialick, GASP of Colorado

Powell Tate

Activity Report

RJR Tobacco, June 1992 {Bates # 51272 0637} on the RJR doc site.



  • Prepared for meeting with Dick Crawford, RJR and Powell Tate.

  • Met with D. Crawford to discuss recruitment of Advisory Board Members.

  • Reviewed list of names of potential members from D. Crawford.

  • Reviewed research materials to develop target list additional for Advisory Board members.

  • Maintained contact with those people who have committed to the Advisory Board.

  • Met with T. Harris following D. Crawford meeting to discuss ongoing program activities.

  • Spoke several times with T. Harris to discuss ongoing status of all hospitality program activities.

  • Researched and drafted plan to implement model programs in Baltimore and Denver.


    • Wrote letter to five state restaurant association executive vice presidents asking for their participation in the program.

    • Researched numbers for target audience in each of the above five states.

    • Spoke several times with Maryland State Licensed Beverage Association to discuss trade show sponsorship and mailing.

    • Coordinated Maryland Restaurant Association (RAM) trade show application.

    • Spoke several times with RAM members to discuss mailing, trade show speaking opportunities and Maryland Hospitality article.

    • Contacted mailing house to discuss association mailings.

    • Detailed Maryland association activities in memo to T. Harris.

    • Followed up with Colorado Licensed Beverage Association regarding newsletter article and membership mailing.

    • Drafted letter to members of the Mile High Chapter of the Colorado Restaurant Association.

    • Contacted John Hildenbrand, president of do Mile High Chapter, to discuss mailing.

    • Contacted Peter Meersman and Cindy Weindling of the Colorado Restaurant Association to discuss mailing.

    • Reviewed media kits for Colorado trade Journals. Outlined advertising recommendations in a memo to T. Harris.

    • Followed up with the Restaurant News of the Rockies and the Restaurateur of Colorado regarding upcoming articles about the program.

    • Gathered information on smoking legislation activities in Boston.

    • Took inventory of all hospitality materials at Powell Tate.

    • Sent letter to the improvisation Club in Chicago about Peaceful Coexistence Program following club's smoking ban failure.


      • Handled billing for National Restaurant Association (NRA) Trade Show in Chicago.

      • Completed survey for the NRA.

      • Spoke several times with West Ivey about the National Urban Merchants Beverage Association Trade Show.


        • Obtained copies of December, 1991 Gallup poll, 1992 Gallup Poll regarding smoking.

        • Used facts from polls in fact sheet revisions.

        • Developed layout for flyer to be used in mailings to trade associations.

          TRADE MEDIA #876

          • Researched four major trade publications for subscription purposes.

          • Subscribed to two publications.

          • Contacted John Soeder of Restaurant Hospitality to obtain copy of article on Peaceful Coexistence Program.

            NATIONAL MEDIA #872

            • Revised pitch letter to be used with national columnists.

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