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I Want to Open a Bar, But...

I worked in the corporate world in high-tech for 18 years. When that bubble burst, I had to find alternative work, since I have a wife and three children to continue to support. I am very entrepreneurial and continue my efforts to start my own successful business. In the meantime, I've found a passion for the bar and restaurant business. I have been bartending for the past couple of years, and truly enjoy being able to interact with people, have fun, and yes, actually make money. This past year, however, has been a little stressful because of my many illnesses. I'm normally very healthy. I live a healthy lifestyle, workout regularly, eat correctly, etc. The only thing I can attribute the difference to is my new work environment.the bar. As a bartender, you must 'follow the money'. When a new opportunity comes along, and you think you can make better money, you really need to take it. The problem is, however, that you cannot control the 'environment' in which you work. Unlike Corporate America, the food service industry still allows unabashed smoking inside. I'm currently involved in opening a new club in Lone Tree, will be bartending and managing. The guy who purchased the building will also be the GM and is a great guy. However, I'm sure he'll cave into the pressure of what the competition is doing in the area, and so far, all allow smoking, at least after 9pm. However, its cool to see that several clubs downtown are going non-smoking. I could never understand why the gov would let such a known carcinogen be used in a way where it gets in an indoor bar. Indoorair should be as good as outdoor air, shouldn't it? Mike Larter, Highlands Ranch

Working towards creating a safe and healthy workplace free of tobacco smoke.