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Casino Workers Say Policies Unfair

Casinos and bingo parlors are the worst cigarette abusers and toxic smoke factories in the Colorado workplace today. It is inconceivable, outrageous, incomprehensible and unfair to any employee who works in one of these places that the state would propose exempting them from any smoke-free workplace legislation. My wife and myself work in casinos and the air is toxic and gross. We continually have upper respiratory infections, our clothes stink every day, and people blow smoke directly in your face. While we blue collar workers suffer, the management in the casino has smoke-free offices for their executives, and city halls of these gambling towns don't allow smoking in their buildings. Let's not forget that even state legislators now get to work in a smoke-free Capitol building. Everyone should have a right to work in a safe and healthy environment. We fear job retribution for anything we may say about this issue, so please do not use our real names.

Working towards creating a safe and healthy workplace free of tobacco smoke.