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There are now 1355 buildings with 40475 units in Denver County with no-smoking policies listed here at

The best way to search for properties that have no-smoking policies is to use one to three of the boxes below (such as entering a zip code). Then, click on the search button below the boxes. To see every listing on this site, click the search button only.  Please contact us to report any errors or omissions.

Name of Property:

How Smoke-Free Listing are Classified
* Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside a building or a complex including all units, balconies, patios, and the main entrance.
*** Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property including the building or complex, all units, balconies, patios, entrances, and the grounds.

Disclaimer: Denver Public Health and GASP of Colorado provides these listings as a public service, cannot guarantee their accuracy or reliability, and accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Please visit the property, contact the management for more information, read the lease carefully, and talk to the current residents about the no-smoking policy.