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TOPIC:Public and Section 8 Housing

Benefits, Implementation and Enforcement Resources, Legal Issues... (External Link)

Best No-Smoking Policy to Adopt (External Link)

Colorado Guide to Establishing No-Smoking Policies in Multiunit Housing (External Link)

Colorado Housing Authorities With No-Smoking Policies (PDF)

Compliance Techniques (External Link)

Devices and Tests to Detect Smoking in Housing (Word/Text)

Fort Collins Housing Authority Letter to Residents (PDF)

Fort Collins Housing Authority Saving $100,000 Yearly With No-Smoking Policy (Word/Text)

HUD Guide to Establishing a Smoke-Free Policy (External Link)

HUD Resident Toolkit (PDF)

HUD Smoke-Free Housing Video (External Link)

Impact of Smoke-Free Housing Policies (PDF)

Implementing the HUD Smoke-Free Policy in Public Housing (External Link)

Legalities of Regulating Smoking in Public Housing (PDF)

Low Income Rentals to Become Smoke-Free in Boulder (PDF)

Marijuana Policy for PHAs (sample) (PDF)

Model Policy for HUD Ruling (PDF)

Model Resident Survey (External Link)

Section 8 Properties and No-Smoking Policies (Word/Text)

US Housing Authorities With No-Smoking Policies (External Link)

USDA on Smoke-Free Policies (PDF)


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