Colorado Breath is managed by GASP of Colorado

Colorado BREATH, a project of GASP of Colorado, educates the public about how secondhand smoke affects all workers. BREATH works to improve smoke-free policies in Colorado workplaces. BREATH strives to reach out to employees and provide them opportunities to share their experiences and work together to affect policy change. BREATH also strives to find allies in the business community, unions, and other groups to assist furthering our goals.

For more information on secondhand smoke, nonsmokers' rights, the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, and workplace issues visit the Education Center provided by GASP of Colorado.

Tell Your Story about secondhand smoke here.

Find other Web resources at Healthy Links.

NOTE: Funding for the BREATH project has been discontinued.  Please contact GASP of Colorado if you need further information about the project.

Working towards creating a safe and healthy workplace free of tobacco smoke.